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Knee Pads and Kneelers

Kneeling can be a hassle for gardeners, irrespective of their age, because of the wear and tear that can occur to the knee joint.

There are basically two solutions – kneeling pads and strap-on knee pads. If pad straps pinch the back of your legs behind the knees, the kneeling pad may be the answer, although some gardeners don’t like them because it’s another item to have to carry around. If it’s the strap version you like, you’ll probably want flexible straps that flex as you bend and move. And two straps are better than one because they secure above and below the knee joint rather than behind or below the knee with one.

Look for pads with non-slip soft plastic surfaces and nice thick Velcro securing straps.

This is an area where you shouldn't substitute economy for quality!
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Burgon & Ball Kneelo Kneeler
Our Price: $35.45 (39.00 inc GST)
Burgon & Ball Kneelo Kneeler
Comfortable, practical, lightweight and easy to carry kneeling cushion for house and garden.